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Our Sales Development Modules

These modules provide the basis on which we create a specific programme for your sales team, tailored to your business, industry and the required sales outcomes.

All modules are available through face-to-face or virtual set-ups.

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Introduction to Transformational Selling

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Open customers up to change
  • Be seen as a trusted expert and an equal
  • Create more collaborative relationships

Impactful Sales Communication

  • Build effective rapport
  • Successfully question and engage
  • Create interest and intrigue throughout
  • Emotional connections that lead to action

Prospecting - Opening the Door

  • Structured Multi-disciplined approach to prospecting
  • Building qualified pipeline opportunities
  • Setting equity in relationships from the outset

The Art of Discovery

  • Turning prospects into qualified sales pipeline
  • Building the Value Proposition to maintain margin
  • Increased conversion rates of opportunities
  • Increase speed of conversion

Building Value in your Proposition

  • Create and maintain a compelling value proposition
  • Maximise the impact of your business’ key differentiators.
  • Increase win rates in competitive sales
  • Increase margins

Managing the Sale

  • Accurate qualification / forecasting of opportunities
  • Visibility of opportunities for sellers and managers
  • Effective prioritisation of time and resources
  • Higher conversion of sales opportunities

Perfect Pitch

  • Delivering compelling pitches / proposals or demos
  • Engaging audiences in face to face and virtual worlds
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Generating a response / urgency from the customer

Powerful Presentations

  • Creating and delivering compelling formal presentations
  • Conversion of sales opportunities
  • Opening up new sales opportunities
  • Creating a compelling call to action for audiences

Leveraging Your Expertise

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Develop 'Transformational' expertise
  • Building stronger business relationships
  • Open up and increase opportunity conversion

Transformational Negotiation

  • Protecting the value and margins
  • Closing profitable deals
  • Building profitable and equitable business relationships

Gaining Commitment to Action

  • Ensuring every stage has a firm next action
  • Overcoming the reservations
  • Progressing deals through the pipeline
  • Greater conversion of opportunities into revenue

Driving the Change

  • Setting clear performance objectives for delegates
  • Embedding the learning from the programme
  • Maximising the impact of the training
  • Delivering sales performance results

The Book

Our new book takes a deep dive into all the skills, tactics and strategies required to become Transformational Sellers

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book on transformational selling by Bryn Thompson and Steve Lowndes