How - we achieve results

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Set the Outcomes

Sales Development Programmes succeed when the sales metrics and outcomes are defined from the outset.

  • Set and agree overall commercial targets and outcomes
  • Define individual targets and metrics
  • Agree additional qualitative outcomes

Success Enablers

Development has an impact on performance only when the right tools and levers are in place.

  • Review current sales measures
  • Align rewards and incentives to required behaviours and outcomes
  • Develop coaching capability for line managers
  • Develop sales support and marketing tools

Development Programme

Skills, Mindsets and Behaviours are developed best when conducted over the course of a programme rather than crammed into an intensive course.

A mix of virtual events, workshop sessions, coaching, directed self-study and practical application - over a period of time delivers far greater performance improvement without the impact of excessive 'time away from selling'.

Embed and Measure

Turning the programme into results. Training only delivers results when it is followed by a clearly defined embedding plan that drives:

  • Applying the skills to real life sales opportunities
  • Observation of sellers and feedback
  • Ongoing measure of results / indicators
  • Follow-up activity to reinforce

The Book

Our new book takes a deep dive into all the skills, tactics and strategies required to become Transformational Sellers

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