Transforming Sales

The World of Sales is Changing

Only Those who adapt will thrive in the New World of sales

Trust us to transform the sales performance of your team in this more challenging world.

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Why - we work with you

Whether you are aiming for revenue growth, market share or increased margin and profitability, sellers must evolve their approach to continue to deliver results.​

Sellers need to be properly equipped to sell in the New World.

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How - we achieve results

We establish the sales outcomes that you need to achieve and create ongoing training and development programmes that take sales results to the next level.

Your team get the skills and managers get the tools to deliver your targets and beyond.

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What - we deliver for you

A programme of virtual and face to face events on a team or individual basis that embeds the Transformational Sales approach that is key to selling in the New World.

The programme flexes with the progress and results of your sales team and fits around day to day sales activity.

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With over 60 years combined sales experience and working with thousands of sales people across the globe, we provide your sales teams with the development they need to navigate the challenging road ahead.

B2B sales has evolved from a product focused transactional approach to a consultative one which places emphasis on questioning, understanding the customer’s needs, identifying their pains and pitching a solution accordingly.

The challenge with the Consultative approach is the assumption that customers know what their problems are and how to solve them.

The New World requires a more advanced form of consultative selling; a ‘Super-Consultative’ approach that we refer to as Transformational Selling.

We have re-defined conventional thinking around sales and provide your team with skills, tactics and strategies to become Transformational Sellers.

This concept is outlined in our forthcoming book:

Selling in the New World:
The Rise of the Transformational Seller
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Transformational Sales

Transformational Selling is based on 3 core pillars:

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Focus on Outcomes

The Transformational Seller starts with the questions: “What outcome is my customer looking to achieve? What is the end result?"

Establishing the business or professional goals for individual stakeholders and the business overall, the Transformational Seller works towards how their offering achieves these for the customer.

Leverage Expertise

The Transformational Seller acts as a professional advisor: they explore, develop strategies, identify risks and issues before advising on the best course of action.

This goes beyond their products and services and on to how these solve the customer's problems, the typical issues that they face, what prevents them from achieving their outcomes and how other customers have resolved such issues.

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Foster Collaboration

The Transformational Seller enters into relationships on an equal footing, encouraging the customer to discuss targets, measures for success, performance metrics and their longer term goals and strategies.

The Transformational Seller has a different horizon: the sale is only complete once the customer has achieved their outcomes.

The Book

Our new book takes a deep dive into all the skills, tactics and strategies required to become Transformational Sellers

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book on transformational selling by Bryn Thompson and Steve Lowndes